Ask the Cartoony Phantom
Do You know creepypasta ?

Phantom: I used to read it often.

Can you do magic tricks?

Phantom: Abra-cadabra-I don’t even know.

good luck on super smash bros mii fighters

Phantom: What? I’m not fighting against any video game characters.

What's your favorite piece of classical music?

Phantom: Too many to count…

Do you think "cherie" sounds a bit like cherry?

Phantom: Yes… Somewhat.

It’s pronounced Sheh-REE.

Is there such a thing as absolute truth?

Phantom: I’m not quite sure.

Hello there! I'm The Doctor!

Phantom: Nice to meet you…

Have you went to travel to the 1870's with the doctor from doctor who ?

Phantom: Hmmm… No, I don’t recall meeting him.

Why are all these people asking you if you like Elsa? What is this, grade school? *rolls eyes at the immaturity*

Phantom: I know, right? Like, WHY

*bows slightly, smiling* I thank you for your praise, though my accomplishments in art pale in comparison to yours. I do have a tendency towards poetic language--I enjoy crafting with words, yet I know they are humble efforts. *shakes head* Enough about me, though. I see that in praising me, you have neglected to answer my question, and I am very curious to hear your response.

Phantom: I read the poetic way you described the world and I feel the same way about it.