Ask the Cartoony Phantom
Are you happy with your life, the way it is?

Phantom: I’m really lonely. Life could be a little better.

Erik, what is your opinion on le phangirls?

Phantom: I kind of appreciate attention, but as always, it gets overboard. Fast.

[[ You’re talking about fangirls in the PotO fandom, right?I just looked that up on the Internet. The results were a little bizarre, though. ]]

I just love this. So. Much. Also, the way you draw Erik makes him look SO ADORABLE *Squee* HE'S SOOOOOOOO CUUUUTEE *ahem* Anyway, I'll, just, uh, *returns back to shadows of Tumblr*

Phantom: Nobody has ever complimented me so much…


I love you and I love your blog... I'm just gonna leave this here... :3 <3

Phantom: Thank you…?

[[ Hey, thanks for the compliment. It’s kind of inactive and I haven’t drawn any responses for a long time now, but it just might come back. ]]

Little girl: Everyone said that my mommy was an angel in heaven, and they call you an angel too, so I thought you would know. Have you seen her? *looks at him hopefully*

Phantom: I… uh…

Yes, I have.

She is doing well in heaven.

Since you seem to have a good taste in music, do you think that the song "Everything is Awesome" is a song worth listening to?

Phantom: Maybe if it had a piano…

Have you accepted President Business as your lord and savior?


Little girl: *looks up at him, still hugging him* Do you know where my mommy is? People call you an angel sometimes...

Phantom: Angel…? Oh, you mean Angel of Music.

Uh, I don’t know where your mother is…

Little girl: *grins at him* There's always a first time for everything, monsieur! *sighs, and face falls slightly* At least, that's what mommy used to say. She's gone now...gone far, far away. *hugs him suddenly, crying silently* I miss her so much, monsieur!

Phantom: No, no, mademoiselle, don’t cry…

*little girl walks up to you* *smiles brightly* Monsieur, you're adorable! Your mask looks so cool, and so does your cape! Can I hug you?

Phantom: Uh. I’m not used to being hugged…